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Sailing the Words sails on the words and around the Mediterranean Sea ! Sailing the Words is an online translation business on a human scale and created by bringing its passions together : translating and sailing !

We make the words sail from English into French. We start a two-year sailing trip around the Mediterranean Sea on board our sailboat :  a 33-foot Gladiateur from 1978.

How to get an Online translation :

If you need help with translation in the maritime or tourism fields, do not hesitate to contact us ! Otherwise, you can always follow our maritime adventure by joining us on social network and 1538 Réseau Méditerranée website.

Fair winds and following seas !

Learn more about Sailing the Words :

Who is Sailing the Words, Facebook page, Twitter and 1538 Réseau Méditerranée (a specific website dedicated to countries around the Mediterranean basin.