International Translation Day

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30th of September, on Saint Jerome’s day. He is considered to be the first official translator of the Bible. Saint Jerome is the Patron saint of translators and known for his text-critical review of the Latin Bible. He dedicated almost his whole life for it.


On this coming International Translation Day, Why don’t you choose to entrust Sailing the Words with your translation needs !

Sailing the Words sails on the words and around the Mediterranean Sea ! Sailing the Words is an online translation business on a human scale and created by bringing its passions together : translating and sailing !

I translate all your documents from English into French in my favourite skills : Tourism and Nautic fields (your website, blog, marketing brochure, etc..).

Please, feel free to use this form to send your request, you will get a prompt answer back from me.

Learn more about Sailing the Words : Who is Sailing the Words, Facebook page, Twitter and 1538 Réseau Méditerranée (a specific website dedicated to countries around the Mediterranean basin).

So, are you ready to sail the words with me during International Translation Day ?