The 120 days of Lesbos, for wintering afloat

Well, there we go, we have just signed a four-month contract with Mitilini’s marina, in Lesbos for wintering. We are therefore going to spend the coming winter months in the third-biggest island of the Egean Sea and the largest of the Eastern Sporades. Our wintering afloat came earlier than expected. We also had not considered  wintering at a marina, but the town harbour of Mytilene turned out to be unsuitable for a long stay. Therefore, we were left with two options : sailing back Southward or sailing farther North. We did not fancy any of these. Continue reading

Sailing the Words, get your translation everywhere

Sailing the Words sails on the words and around the Mediterranean Sea ! Sailing the Words is an online translation business on a human scale and created by bringing its passions together : translating and sailing !

We make the words sail from English into French. We start a two-year sailing trip around the Mediterranean Sea on board our sailboat :  a 33-foot Gladiateur from 1978.

How to get an Online translation :

If you need help with translation in the maritime or tourism fields, do not hesitate to contact us ! Otherwise, you can always follow our maritime adventure by joining us on social network and 1538 Réseau Méditerranée website.

Fair winds and following seas !

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