Maritime field

I have been living on a sailboat for four years now ; the sea is therefore part of my daily life and the English language is the international language of the maritime sector. I have a passion for sailing and so I have specialized in this huge field composed of the yachting world and more especially sailing and sailboats.

The idea is to invite a larger number of people to discover basic maritime language and its technical terms. For this reason, therefore I work with various glossaries and specialized dictionaries which contain all the entries in this field. I can help you with the translation of your user’s manual and all documents : your website, brochure, or blog’s articles. Feel free to ask for a free quotation !

When I go browsing at my favorite maritime book store in Marseille, I come across some publications in English only. Those books usually contain very important and useful advice for the beginner or the advanced sailor. They can either be technical or provide precious information on various topics in the maritime sector. Translating those books is part of my aims. I am also fascinated by stories written by legendary and contemporary authors such as Henry de Monfreid, Alain Gerbault, Bernard Moitessier, Ella Maillard, Florence Arthaud, and many others !


I have been sailing on a Gladiateur, built by Wauquiez (French designer) in the late 70’s. I want to run my business with a concern for sustainable development : environment, economy, and welfare ; therefore « Sailing The Words » is registered into CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility). So I have chosen a sail boat instead of a motor boat as an environmental way to move from place to place, and a different way of life, working online at the same time. First, I had to rethink my values to make a decision about another way of living and what was truly important to me. I need windpower to sail on, sunpower to generate electricity and my language skills to communicate, meet people and work !

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