Who is Sailing the Words

Who is Sailing the Words

Sailing the Words

Who is sailing the Words? Creating Sailing the Words was inspired both by sailing and travelling. But before reaching this little corner of paradise, I met some headwinds and I had to weave my way through gusts of wind. So, are you ready to sail the words with me ?

I am Cyrille Mousset and I come from the South of France. My first experience with the English language at school was enthralling and was the start of everything. My course is mapped out and I had made up my mind : I wanted to speak English fluently.

After passing a degree in hospitality and tourism, I decided to travel with the aim of discovering new places : first Spain and the French West Indies, then the USA, India, Lebanon and Italy. Boosted by several meetings and new experiences, I chose Paris for working in the tourism industry. I worked for independent hotels as they give you the opportunity to become multi skilled, and I wanted to make full use of my interpersonal and business skills in a mainly English speaking environment. I had been working as an executive manager for 16 years when this brilliant experience came to an end.


Who is sailing the words

Sauvage, my floating home

I decided to take advantage of this change for building a new professional project that perfectly fitted   with my personal values, desires and passions. I wanted to live and work on the sea, and watch it every single day. So, I started looking for a floating home which would allow me to make my dreams come true. I chose a Gladiateur, a 33 foot sailboat from 1978, built by Wauquiez. The sailboat is my partner in helping me making my dream come true. Fully equipped with the business material I need, I can offer online translation services. And of course, maritime area is now one of my favorite skills.

Sailing the words is the meeting point of all these experiences and I wanted my company name to reflect all the different streams in a day-to-day life.

So, as sailors say…Fair winds !

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